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SHARPEN AI OR DENOISE AI 3.0/3.1 "ERROR PROCESSING" MESSAGE: If you receive a message that recommends updating your driver or changing your AI Processing preferences, please update your Nvidia or AMD graphics card driver directly through Nvidia or AMD.

PHOTOSHOP PLUGIN NOT WORKING ON M1/SILICON MACS: If you recently updated your Photoshop to version 22.3 or higher on your M1 device and you don't see some of our plugins anymore, you'll need to run Photoshop through Rosetta. Some, but not all, of our plugins are M1 native now. If you never installed plugins on your mac device at all before, go the the program help menu and click "Reinstall Photoshop Plugins" to make sure they are installed on your computer. Some mac user configurations block the plugins from being configured during program installation.

BIG SUR SUPPORT: Adjust AI and Jpeg to Raw AI are still awaiting updates to support Big Sur at this time. The newest version of DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI are now fully supported on M1 devices.

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